Prem Sanyas

The Light of Asia / Die Leuchte Asiens

Silent / 1925 / B&W / No Sound / 97 min.

Release: 22.10.1925

Production Companies
  • Emelka Film
  • Great Eastern Film Corporation
Production Countries
  • India
A few words...The film starts with a tourist visit in Bombay showing sites and street performers. An old man in the market starts to talk about the Buddha. Asked by a western lady he starts telling the story of Buddha's life. Gautama, son of King Suddodhana, grows up as a prince, but leaves the castle and his beautiful wife Gopa to live as an ascetic in the forests. Rather then telling the story of his spiritual achievements, the film focuses on how Gopa and Gautama are finally reunited.
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  • Two musical scores were written for the screenings of the film in Germany: One by I. L. Fischer, the other by Hans-Heinrich Dransmann.